Dear Dungeons and Dragons

dear dnd 1

Last night, my party and I rushed to help my hometown from an invasion from a weird upside-down horseshoe-shaped portal, with a pink-ish light coming from the middle and growing bigger as the battle continued. There were five of us—Nekoluga Darkstorm, tabaxi monk; Big One, furbolg druid; Margay, the gnome ranger and his wild boar Brumble (the newest members of our party), and myself, Allayah, a human monk.

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Margin Notes: My Journey Through the Bible in 2020 // Weeks 2 + 3

margin notes week_2and3 a

This year one of my goals is to read my Bible everyday. I’ve always thought a chronological Bible would be cool to read and I’ve been curious to try the Christian Standard Bible (CSB version), so November-ish of last year, I bought one. For the beginning of 2020, I’m starting in EXODUS. And while, 16 days out of 25 isn’t perfect, it’s way better than I’ve done in past years.

Along those same lines though, I’ve wanted a way to record things I’ve learned along the way–fun, random, interesting, etc. The detailed-me is cringing that I didn’t think of this the very first day of 2020 (or when I first started reading this chronological Bible), but that’s okay! Another one of my goals is to write here more, so I’m going to start with Weeks 2 and 3.

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Faith in the Moving


I came across the application for More Love Letters (MLL) accepting writers for their blog in a Facebook group. Writing applications for blogs have always scared me. Filling this one out solidly moved me out dreaming about writing for others and firmly into the Writer category.



I received an email from More Love Letters saying they wanted me to submit a trial piece on “What it feels like and looks like to move again after just a year and two months.” Complete with guidelines and a deadline. My first reaction was tears, closely followed by, “Why this topic?” (I think, in the application I had to submit four or five topics I could write about, and this was one of the ones I submitted.) And then I got to work.

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The Ember Letters: Vol. 1, Issue 2

The Ember Letters // Where I  document things about the Baby Dinosaur.

Dear Ember,

Happy two months Baby Dinosaur! I’m sorry you had to get shots today, but I hope spending the day with Mommy and taking pictures next to your purple unicorn made up for it. What a difference a month makes: you are holding your head up and you’re so much more alert now. You keep your eyes open longer and you’re just taking us all in.

In the last month, you’ve spit-up nailed me really good…twice! I burped you for the first time ever—actually, you are the first baby I’ve ever burped—and I felt like I was beating you up. Continue reading


I will be 28-years old in a month and half-ish. I will celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary this summer. I don’t roll well with change and my default is emotional. I think too hard and I laugh too loud. I’m still so naive and I still can’t really pick up on sarcasm. I love fictional characters too much and I am super protective of my people. Ant and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day; we’re basically an old married couple already haha.

I work 40 hours a week. I have health care and a solid beginner emergency fund and we budget every month. I am responsible to a T and don’t know how to take days off for fun.

But I love the color yellow and the smell of books (new, old, and used.) The sound of rain is music.

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